Psalm 48(a) [C.M]

PSALM 48 (a) C.M. Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes: 115 Westminster105 Southwark

1 Great is the LORD who rules on high;
with praise his temple fill
Within the city of our God
and on his holy hill.

2  Mount Zion, with its graceful height,
gives joy to all the earth;
The Great King’s city far excels
the mountains of the north.

3  Within her citadels and towers
God’s presence is revealed,
For he has shown himself to be
her fortress and her shield.

4  When kings joined forces to attack,
as one they marched ahead.
5  They saw her and they were amazed;
they all in terror fled.

6  Like women giving birth in pain
they trembled in dismay.
7  You wrecked them like a merchant fleet
by tempest blown away.

8  As we have heard, so have we seen:
God’s city will endure;
The LORD Almighty evermore
his city keeps secure.

9  We contemplate your steadfast love
within your house, O God;
10  For, like your name, your praise extends
through all the earth abroad.

All that you do is righteous, LORD.
11  Mount Zion’s joy is great,
And Judah’s towns rejoice, as they
your judgments celebrate.

12  Round Zion walk and count her towers;
13  view every citadel,
So that to children yet unborn
her story you may tell.

14  For God the LORD, who is our God,
for ever will abide;
He is our God for evermore
and to the end our guide.