Whilst the Lockdown situation continues, we are hosting Zoom video meetings for our Wednesday Prayer Meetings at 7.30pm and the Sunday 12pm and 6pm Live Stream services via telephone or online.

Sunday Services Instructions:

Please adhere to the following instructions to connect to the Sunday services via telephone:

  1. Phone 0131 460 1196 via landline or mobile
  2. Enter Meeting ID followed by hash #
  3. Press hash # when it asks for participant ID
  4. Enter Password followed by hash #
  5. It will say you have been connected, then you will be put on hold by the host. Once you are admitted into the call, it will say you are now connected.
  6. You will be automatically muted when joining the call and the sound from the service should start playing through the phone between 12 & 1 and 6 & 7.

Wednesday Evening Instructions:

  1. Await invite email to the Prayer Meeting on Wednesday evenings between 7.15pm and 7.30pm
  2. Click on the email link and it should open in the Zoom app on tablet/smartphone/laptop
  3. If you do not have the Zoom Meetings app, please download the app for easier connection. See below download links.
  4. On connecting, please make sure you click OK to ‘Connect to audio’ so you can hear the call. Your microphone will be automatically muted when connecting.

Zoom Download Links

To receive login details e.g Meeting ID & Passwords for these services, please use the Contact Us form below. Please allow enough time when contacting for the login details.