Service Recordings

All our Church services are recorded including Sermons, Readings, Prayers and Psalms. Our services are also live streamed onto Youtube and the link is embedded on the website live stream link.

Live Stream

Our previous services are all available on our Youtube channel which is also embedded on the website Youtube link.


The Podcast page has our archive of audio sermons.


The Sermons page also has our archive of both video and audio sermons where you can also download the file for the use of making a CD at home.

We also have a phone in service via Zoom for those who do not have access to internet.


*Due to the COVID-19 situation, we are no longer able to provide service recordings in form of CDs to those who usually receive them. Going forward, we would encourage those who are able to use the live stream service or Zoom service where possible. If this is not an option, please use the Contact Us Form below and we will try to help where we can.*