Psalm 27 [C.M]


PSALM 27 C.M. Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes:
v 1-6: 26 Argyle, 42 Contemplation, 66 Jackson
v 7-14: 25 Arden, 32 Belmont, 128 Resignation

1  The LORD’s my saviour and my light—
who will make me dismayed?
The LORD’s the stronghold of my life—
why should I be afraid?

2  When evildoers threaten me
to take my life away,
My adversaries and my foes
will stumble in that day.

3  Although an army hems me in,
my heart will feel no dread;
Though war against me should arise,
I will lift up my head.

4  One thing I’ll plead before the LORD,
and this I’ll seek always:
That I may come within God’s house
and dwell there all my days—

That on the beauty of the LORD
I constantly may gaze,
And in his house may seek to know
direction in his ways.

5  For in his dwelling he will keep
me safe in troubled days;
Within his tent he’ll shelter me,
and on a rock me raise.

6  My head will then be lifted high
above my enemies;
And in his tent I’ll sacrifice
with shouts of joy and praise.

7  LORD, hear me when I call to you;
be merciful and speak!
8  “Come, seek my face!” you told my heart;
your face, LORD, I will seek.

9  O do not hide your face from me,
and do not turn aside
Your servant in your righteous wrath,
for you have been my guide.

O God my Saviour, leave me not;
do not reject my plea.
10  My parents may forsake me, LORD,
but you will welcome me.

11  Teach me, O LORD, how I should live,
and lead me in your way;
Make straight my path, because my foes
oppress me every day.

12  Give me not over to the will
of vehement enemies;
For liars rise to slander me
and breathe out cruelties.

13  Yet I am sure that in this life
God’s goodness I will see.
14  Wait for the LORD; be strong, take heart.
For him wait patiently.