Psalm 92(b) []

PSALM 92 (b) 10 10 10 10 10 10 [Sing Psalms]

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300 Song 1, 301 Stockport

1 How good it is to praise you, LORD Most High,
And to make music to your holy name,
2 To sing about your love when morning comes
And every night your faithfulness proclaim.
3 With music of the lyre my praise will sound
And to the harp’s sweet melody resound.

4 For by your deeds you make me glad, O LORD;
With joy I praise the works done by your hand.
5 How great your acts, how deep your thoughts, O LORD!
6 Fools do not know, they cannot understand,
7 That though the wicked flourish like the grass
Yet to eternal ruin they will pass.

8 But LORD, you are exalted evermore.
9 Surely your enemies will be struck dead.
10 You made me stronger than an untamed ox,
And you have poured fine oils upon my head.
11 My eyes have seen my wicked foes’ defeat;
My ears have heard the sound of their retreat.

12 The righteous ones will flourish like the palm
And grow like cedar trees in Lebanon,
13 For, planted in God’s house, they flourish still
14 And, fresh and fruitful, to old age go on.
15 They say, “The LORD excels in uprightness—
My Rock, in whom there is no wickedness.”