Psalm 91 []

PSALM 91 10 10 10 10 [Sing Psalms]

Recommended Tunes:
297 Woodlands, 280 Dunblane Cathedral, 282 Elrig

1 The one whose dwelling is with God Most High
In the Almighty’s shadow safe will rest.
2 “He is my refuge,” I say of the LORD,
“My fortress and my God; in him I trust.”

3 Surely he saves you from the fowler’s snare
And rescues you from deadly pestilence.
4 Under his wings a refuge you will find;
His faithfulness will be your strong defence.

5 You will not fear the terror of the night,
Or dread the arrow flying in the day,
6 Or pestilence that in the darkness stalks,
Or plague at noon that carries all away.

7 No harm will touch you though a thousand fall,
Or yet ten thousand die at your right hand.
8 Your eyes will then look on, and you will see
The wicked punished as their ways demand.

9 If you make God Most High your dwelling-place—
Even the LORD, who is my refuge sure—
10 No evil then will ever fall on you,
Nor dire calamity come near your door.

11 For he will charge his angels with your care,
To guard you in your footsteps every one;
12 They will uphold and bear you in their hands,
Lest you should strike your foot against a stone.

13 Upon the mighty lion you will tread;
The cobra you will overcome and kill.
Your feet will trample down the king of beasts;
The serpent will be crushed beneath your heel.

14 “Because he loves me,” says the Sovereign LORD,
“I’ll rescue and deliver him from harm.
Since he acknowledges my holy name,
I will protect him with my mighty arm.

15 “He’ll call on me, and I will answer him;
With him in time of trouble I will be.
I will deliver him and honour him.
16 Long will he live, and my salvation see.”