Psalm 89 []

PSALM 89 [11 10 11 10] Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes:

1 I will extol the LORD’s great love for ever;
your faithfulness to all I will proclaim.
2 I will declare your love stands firm for ever;
your faithfulness in heaven you maintain.

3 You said, “I made a cov’nant with my chosen,
and to my servant David I have sworn:
4 ‘I will ensure your line shall last for ever,
your throne to generations yet unborn’.”

5 O LORD, the heavens praise your mighty wonders
and to your saints your faithfulness declare.
6 For who is like the LORD among the angels,
or who in heaven can with him compare?

7 For God is feared within his holy council,
more awesome than the angels all around.
8 O God, the LORD Almighty, who is like you
whom such great might and faithfulness surround?

9 O LORD, your rule controls the surging ocean;
you still the raging waves upon the seas.
10 You crushed to death the great sea monster Rahab;
with your strong arm you rout your enemies.

11 The earth is yours, to you belong the heavens;
you made the world and everything therein.
12 By you the north and south were both created;
Tabor and Hermon praise your name and sing.

13 Your arm, O LORD, is filled with mighty power;
your hand is strong, exalted high above.
14 Your throne is built on righteousness and justice;
in front of you go faithfulness and love.

15 How blessed are those who learn to sing your praises,
who walk before you in your light, O LORD!
16 All day in your great name they are rejoicing;
they praise your righteousness with one accord.

17 For you, LORD, are your people’s strength and glory,
and honour to our sovereign you bring.
18 Indeed, from God the LORD comes our protection;
to Israel’s Holy One belongs our king.

19 There was a time you told us in a vision;
this to your faithful people you made known:
“I have bestowed my strength upon a warrior,
a young man whom I raised up to the throne.

20 “I have sought out my faithful servant, David;
I have anointed him with sacred oil.
21 My hand will surely strengthen and sustain him;
my arm will give him power for his toil.

22 “No enemy will force him to pay tribute;
no wicked one will ever bring him low.
23 For I will crush his enemies before him;
I will annihilate his every foe.

24 “My faithful love will be with him for ever;
his power will be exalted through my name.
25 His right hand I will set above the rivers;
his rule upon the sea I will proclaim.

26 “He will declare to me, ‘You are my Father;
you are my Rock, my Saviour and my God.’
27 As my firstborn I also will appoint him,
supreme among all kings on earth abroad.

28 “I will maintain my love to him for ever;
my covènant with him will never fail.
29 His line for evermore I will establish;
while heaven lasts, his kingdom will prevail.

30 “But if his sons forsake my laws and statutes
31 and violate my covènant command,
32 I’ll punish with the rod all their transgression,
their sin with blows inflicted by my hand.

33 “But I will never take my love from David;
my faithfulness I never will betray.
34 Nor will I ever violate my covenant
or alter what I said in any way.

35 “Once have I sworn in holiness to David—
I will not lie to him—I will declare
36 That David’s line for ever will continue,
and on his throne he’ll always have an heir.

“His throne will ever flourish in my presence;
it will continue like the sun on high.
37 I’ll make it certain, like the moon in heaven,
which is a faithful witness in the sky.”

38 But you, O LORD, have spurned, you have rejected,
you have been angry with your chosen one.
39 You have renounced the cov’nant with your servant
and in the dust you have defiled his crown.

40 For you have broken all his walls in pieces;
his strongholds down to ruins you have torn.
41 All passers-by have plundered his possessions;
he is the object of his neighbours’ scorn.

42 The right hand of his foes you have exalted;
his enemies rejoice with one accord.
43 You gave him no support in time of battle;
instead you blunted and turned back his sword.

44 Now you have put an end to all his splendour,
and you have cast his throne upon the ground.
45 You have cut short his days of youthful vigour,
and with a cloak of shame he’s wrapped around.

46 How long, LORD? Will you hide yourself for ever?
How long will your fierce anger on us fall?
47 Remember that my life is swift and fleeting.
For what futility you made us all!

48 For who can live and be secure from dying,
or who resist the power of the grave?
49 O Lord, where is your former love for David,
whom in your faithfulness you swore to save?

50 Remember, Lord, how they have mocked your servant,
how in my heart I bear the taunts of men;
51 Your foes have mocked and scorned the Lord’s anointed.
52 But ever let the LORD be praised! Amen.