Psalm 83 []

PSALM 83 [8 7 8 7 D] Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes:
Psalm 42

1 O my God, do not keep silent;
be not quiet, be not still.
2 See how all your foes are stirring,
eager to move in and kill.

3 For they plot against your loved ones,
make their cunning plans, and say,
4 “Come, let us destroy their nation
Israel’s name we’ll sweep away.”

5 With one mind they plot against you;
they are allies for the fight—
6 Tents of Hagar and of Moab,
Edom and the Ishmaelite,

7 Gebal, Amalek and Ammon,
Philistines with men of Tyre.
8 Now Assyria has joined them;
Lot’s descendants strength acquire.

9 Treat them as you treated Midian
at the river Kishon drowned—
10 Sisera and Jabin slaughtered,
left like refuse on the ground.

11 Make their chiefs like Zeeb and Oreb,
Zeba and Zalmunna too,
12 When they said, “We’ll take possession
of God’s pasture-lands from you.”

13 Like the tumble-weed disperse them,
like the chaff before the breeze.
14 As the flames lay waste the mountains
or the fire consumes the trees,

15 So pursue them with your tempest;
may your storm bring fear and shame.
16 LORD, bring them humiliation,
so that they may seek your name.

17 May they be ashamed for ever;
let dismay be on their face.
May they be destroyed completely;
let them perish in disgrace.

18 LORD, make known your name among them;
show that you alone are God—
That you are the Most High, ruling
over all the earth abroad.