Psalm 82 []

PSALM 82 [8 7 8 7] Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes:

1 God stands in the great assembly,
judging gods who gather there:
2 “How long will you clear the wicked
with the judgments you declare?

3 “Vindicate the weak and orphans,
and the rights of those oppressed.
4 Save the weak, support the needy;
from the wicked give them rest.”

5 They are void of understanding;
no right judgment can they make.
On they walk in utter darkness;
all of earth’s foundations shake.

6 “You are gods,”—so I addressed them—
“you are sons of God Most High.
7 But like mortal men you’ll perish,
and like other rulers die.”

8 Rise, O God, and come in judgment;
justice for the earth command,
For you hold as your possession
every race and every land.