Psalm 81 []

PSALM 81 [8 7 8 7] Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes:
Psalm 42

1 Sing for joy to God our Saviour;
shout aloud to Jacob’s Lord!
2 Start the music; strike the timbrel;
play on strings a pleasing chord.

3 Sound the trumpet at the New Moon
and at the full moon as well,
4 At the feast by God appointed
and decreed for Israel.

5 God ordained this law for Joseph
when he ravaged Egypt’s land;
There we listened to a language
which we did not understand.

6 He said: “I removed their burdens
and their aching hands set free.
7 I delivered you from trouble
when you called for help to me.

“From the thundercloud of Sinai
all your people I addressed;
When at Meribah you murmured,
there I put you to the test.

8 “Hear, my people, let me warn you—
if you would but listen now!
9 No strange god shall be among you;
to a false god do not bow.

10 “I, who brought you up from Egypt,
your own God, the LORD, am I;
Open wide your mouth towards me,
and your food I will supply.

11 “But my people would not listen—
would not do what I required.
12 So I gave them up to follow
what their stubborn hearts desired.

13 “If my people would but heed me,
Isr’el follow my command,
14 I would soon subdue their en’mies,
and against them turn my hand.

15 “Those who hate the LORD would cower,
and their doom would never end.
16 But with finest wheat I’d feed you,
honey from the rock I’d send.”