Psalm 79 []

PSALM 79 [8 7 8 7] Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes:

1 LORD, the nations have invaded
and attacked your heritage;
They defiled your holy temple—
crushed Jerusalem in rage.

2 They have given your saints’ bodies
to the birds of prey as meat;
And the corpses of your servants
to wild animals to eat.

3 They have poured out blood like water
all around Jerusalem—
Bodies everywhere, and no one
to give burial to them.

4 We are objects of derision
to the neighbours of our land;
Scorn, reproach and degradation
circle us on every hand.

5 LORD, how long? Will your displeasure
still run on and never tire?
How long will your jealous anger
burn like all-consuming fire?

6 Pour your fury on the nations
that refuse to seek your face,
7 For they have uprooted Jacob
and destroyed his dwelling-place.

8 Charge us not with the transgressions
of our forebears long ago;
May your mercy come to meet us—
you have brought us very low.

9 Help us, LORD, our God and Saviour,
for the glory of your name.
For your name’s sake come and save us;
take away our sin and shame.

10 Why should the surrounding nations
say to us, “Where is your God?”
Make the peoples know your vengeance
for your servants’ outpoured blood.

11 May the groans of every prisoner
come before your throne on high;
By your arm outstretched in power
save all those condemned to die.

12 Lord, remember how our neighbours
treat you with contempt and scorn;
And into their laps deliver
sev’nfold judgment in return.

13 Then shall we, the sheep you pasture,
worship and adore your name;
And through every generation
your unending praise proclaim.