Psalm 76 [C.M]

PSALM 76 [C.M] Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes:
York, Martyrs

1 In Judah’s land God’s name is known;
in Isr’el he is great.
2 In Salem he has pitched his tent,
his home in Zion set.

3 He broke the fiery arrows there,
the military might
Of those who with their swords and shields
against us came to fight.

4 Your splendour is more glorious
than hillsides rich with prey.
5 Brave men were stripped of all their spoil;
asleep in death they lay.

Not one of those great warriors
could lift his hands to kill.
6 At your rebuke, O Jacob’s God,
rider and horse lay still.

7 For you alone are to be feared—
before you, who can stand?
Who can endure your anger, LORD,
the judgments you command?

8 From heav’n your verdict was pronounced;
the land was hushed in awe,
9 When you arose to save the poor
and vindicate your law.

10 Your wrath against the human race
will surely bring you praise;
Those who survive your wrath will learn
restraint in all their ways.

11 Make vows before the LORD your God;
be sure to keep your word.
Let people from surrounding lands
bring tribute to the LORD.

The LORD alone is great, and he
must surely be revered.
12 The will of rulers he subdues;
by earth’s kings he is feared.