Psalm 75 [S.M]

PSALM 75 [S.M] Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes:

1 We give you thanks, O God,
because your name is near.
All speak of your majestic deeds;
your voice we also hear:

2 “I choose the appointed time;
I judge with justice sure.
3 When earth and all its people quake,
its pillars I secure.

4 “ ‘Boast not!’ I tell the proud;
the wicked I address:
5 ‘Do not lift up your heads with pride,
or speak with haughtiness’.”

6 No one in all the earth
can truly give renown.
7 God is the judge; he raises one
and puts another down.

8 The LORD’s hand holds a cup
with wine of powerful blend;
He pours it out, and wicked ones
must drink it to the end.

9 God’s works I will proclaim,
and Jacob’s God I’ll praise.
10 The wicked’s strength I will destroy;
the righteous I will raise.