Psalm 74 []

PSALM 74 [11 10 11 10] Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes:

1 O God, why have you cast us off for ever?
Why rage against the sheep within your fold?
2 Do not forget the people whom you purchased,
the heritage which you redeemed of old.

Remember where you dwelt upon Mount Zion,
3 and turn your steps towards these ruined walls—
All this destruction which the foe in malice
has perpetrated on your sacred halls.

4 Your enemies have roared in your assembly;
their standards fly victorious in the breeze.
5 Their fury was like woodmen wielding axes
to cut through undergrowth between the trees.

6 They smashed to pieces all the fretted woodwork—
with axe and hatchet every panelled frame.
7 They burned your holy sanctuary to ashes,
and made unclean the place where dwells your Name.

8 Their thought was, “We will utterly destroy them!”
They burned each place of worship in the land.
9 We see no miracles; there are no prophets,
and no one knows when all these things will end.

10 How long, O God, will enemies revile you?
For ever will your foes blaspheme and scoff?
11 Why do you keep your right hand hidden from us?
Stretch it against your foes and cut them off!

12 But from of old, O God, you are my sovereign;
upon the earth you win the victory.
13 You split apart the ocean by your power;
you broke the monster’s heads within the sea.

14 The heads of great Leviathan were shattered;
you gave him to the desert beasts to eat.
15 You were the one who opened streams and fountains;
you dried the rivers in the summer’s heat.

16 The day is yours; yours also is the night-time;
the sun and moon were put in place by you.
17 You set the limits of the earth by wisdom;
you made the summer and the winter too.

18 Remember how the enemy reviles you,
how foolish people never cease to mock.
19 Leave not your loved one for the beasts to savage;
do not abandon your afflicted flock.

20 Regard, O LORD, your cov’nant with your people,
for haunts of vi’lence fill the land with shame.
21 Let not defeat bring scorn on the downtrodden;
may yet the poor and needy praise your name.

22 Rise up, O God, defend your cause in judgment;
remember how fools mock you all the day.
23 Do not ignore the clamour of your enemies;
their hostile roaring never goes away.