Psalm 73 (b) []

PSALM 73 (b) [8 7 8 7 8 7] Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes: Mannheim

1 Surely God is good to Isr’el
and to those whose hearts are pure.
2 As for me, my steps were slipping,
and my foothold was unsure.
3 For the arrogant I envied as
I saw them live secure.

4 They are not beset by struggles;
they are healthy, fit and strong—
5 Undisturbed by such diseases
as to human life belong.
6 So they clothe themselves with violence;
greed and pride their necks adorn.

7 From their callous hearts comes evil,
from their minds, great wickedness.
8 They deride and speak with malice;
bold, they threaten to oppress.
9 For their mouths lay claim to heaven,
and their tongues the earth possess.

10 So their people, turning to them,
praise the wicked to the sky,
11 Saying, “How can God control us?
Are we known to God Most High?”
12 Thus the wicked grow in riches,
all anxiety laid by.

13 Have I kept my heart for nothing,
washed my hands in innocence?
14 All day long your plagues are on me;
daily are my pains intense.
15 If I spoke thus, then your children
would have suffered great offence.

16 When I tried to understand this,
it was all too hard for me
17 Till I came into God’s temple—
then I saw their destiny;
18 For on slippery ground you place them,
and destroy them utterly.

19 How they’re shattered in a moment,
swept away by sudden fear!
20 As a dream when one awakens,
so, O Lord, when you appear,
You will mock their aspirations,
and their hopes will disappear.

21 When my spirit was embittered
and my heart with grief brought low,
22 Like a beast I was before you—
dull, in understanding slow.
23 Yet, O Lord, you hold my right hand;
with you I will always go.

24 To your glory you will bring me
with your counsel as my guide.
25 I have none but you in heaven;
all on earth I lay aside.
26 Flesh and heart may fail,
but ever God my portion will abide.

27 Those far off from you will perish;
you give them their due reward.
28 As for me, it is a blessing
to be near the Sovereign LORD.
I have made my God my refuge;
all your deeds I will record.