Psalm 71 []

PSALM 71 [9 8 9 8] Sing Psalms

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1 In you, O LORD, I’ve taken refuge;
protect me ever from disgrace.
2 Rescue and save me in your justice;
turn to me as I seek your face.

3 Be my strong rock and my sure refuge
to which I always may resort;
Give the command to help and save me,
because you are my rock and fort.

4 From wicked hands, my God, O save me,
from cruel hands of violence.
5 For, Sov’reign LORD, you’ve been my refuge
and since my youth my confidence.

6 From birth I have relied upon you;
you are the guide of all my ways.
Out of my mother’s womb you brought me;
to you I ever will give praise.

7 To many I’m a cause of wonder,
but you are still my refuge strong.
8 My mouth is filled with adoration,
praising your splendour all day long.

9 When I am old, do not desert me,
or leave me when my strength is gone.
10 For my opponents speak against me,
conspiring how to bring me down.

11 They say of me, “His God has left him;
this man is helpless and alone.
Pursue and take him in his weakness;
seize him, for helper he has none.”

12 But, O my God, be not far from me;
hasten to help me in your grace.
13 In shame may my accusers perish,
my foes be covered with disgrace.

14 But as for me, my hope is steadfast,
and more and more your name I’ll bless.
15 I’ll show your measureless salvation,
and all day long your righteousness.

16 I will proclaim your acts, O Lord GOD—
your righteousness, yes, yours alone.
17 For since my youth, O God, you’ve taught me,
and still your wonders I make known.

18 And now, my God, do not forsake me
when old and grey I have become,
Till I declare your might and power,
to generations yet to come.

19 Your justice reaches to the heavens;
who is like you, O God, in strength?
20 Though you have shown me many troubles,
you will restore my soul at length.

From the deep places of earth’s darkness
you will bring up my life once more.
21 You will increase your servant’s honour,
my comfort once again restore.

22 O God, your faithfulness towards me
with sound of harp I’ll gladly tell;
To you with lyre I will sing praises,
O Holy One of Israel.

23 My lips will shout with joy; I’ll praise you
and I’ll extol your faithfulness,
When you have rescued and redeemed me
from every trouble and distress.

24 All day my tongue will tell the story,
as I your righteous acts proclaim,
For everyone who wished to harm me
has been disgraced and put to shame.