Psalm 7 []

PSALM 7 10 10 10 10 [Sing Psalms]

Recommended Tunes: 283 Eventide, 287, Magda, 295 Suilven

1  O LORD my God, my refuge is in you;
Deliver me from all those who pursue,
2  Lest, lion-like, they tear ferociously,
While there is no one to deliver me.

3  O LORD my God, if such a thing I planned,
And if the guilt of sin is on my hand—
4  If I have wronged the one at peace with me,
Or without cause have robbed my enemy—

5  Then let my foe pursue relentlessly
That he may vent his hateful spite on me,
And let him trample me into the ground;
So will my honour in the dust be found.

6  Arise, O LORD, in wrath against my foes,
Against the rage of all who me oppose.
Awake, my God, let justice now abound
7  For all assembled nations gathered round.

Rule over all the nations from on high;
8  Your justice to the peoples, LORD, apply.
According to my righteousness judge me;
Look, O Most High, on my integrity.

9  O God of righteousness, you are the one
Who searches deep the heart and mind of man;
Bring to an end the wicked’s violence
And be the righteous one’s secure defence.

10  My shield and confidence is God Most High
Who saves the upright when to him they cry.
11  God is a judge who does what’s right and fair,
And every day his wrath God will declare.

12,13 If it should be that God will not relent,
He’ll fashion sword and deadly armament,
And he will bend and string his mighty bow
From which his fiery arrows forth will go.

14  The one who evil in his heart conceives
Gives birth to lies and no reward receives.
15  He digs a hole, he scoops it with his spade,
Then falls into the very pit he made.

16  His scheming will recoil on him instead;
His evil will descend upon his head.
17  I’ll thank the LORD who acts in righteousness;
I’ll praise the LORD Most High; his name I’ll bless.