Psalm 69 []

PSALM 69 [11 10 11 10] Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes:
v 1-29: 308 Psalm 12, 304 Kildonan
v 30-36: 303 Highwood, 306 Lord of the Years

1  Save me, O God, because the mighty waters
have come up to my neck on every side.
2  I sink in miry depths without a foothold;
I am engulfed beneath the deep floodtide.

3  My throat is parched; I’m weary from my shouting;
my eyes fail, looking to my God for aid.
4  For those who hate and loathe me without reason
are more than all the hairs upon my head.

Without a cause my foes seek to destroy me;
I have to pay back what I did not steal.
5  But as for you, O God, you know my folly;
my guiltiness from you I can’t conceal.

6  May those who hope in you, the LORD Almighty,
not be disgraced on my account, O God;
May those who seek your face, O God of Israel,
not suffer shame because of me, O Lord.

7  For your sake, LORD, I must endure derision;
my face is covered with contempt and shame.
8  Even my brothers do not recognise me;
to mother’s sons a stranger I became.

9  Because devotion to your house consumes me,
those who insult you turn their taunts on me;
10  And when I mourn with tears of grief and fasting,
I must endure their scorn continually.

11  When I, in grief and mourning, put on sackcloth,
the people laugh at me the whole day long.
12  The elders at the city gate deride me;
I am the subject of the drunkard’s song.

13  But, LORD, I pray in this your time of favour:
in your great love deliver me, O God.
14  Save me from sinking in the miry waters;
deliver me from those who hate me, LORD.

15  Let not the deep floodwaters overwhelm me,
or the abyss enclose me utterly.
16  Respond to me, LORD, for your love is gracious;
in your abundant mercy turn to me.

17  Do not conceal your face from me your servant;
answer me quickly, for I am distressed.
18  Come near and rescue me from my opponents;
save me from those by whom I am oppressed.

19  You know how I am taunted and dishonoured;
to you my enemies are all well known.
20  Because they scoff at me, my heart is broken,
and I am left defenceless and alone.

I looked for sympathy, but no one heeded;
for comforters, but I found none at all.
21  They gave me vinegar when I was thirsty,
and with my food they mingled bitter gall.

22  LORD, may their feasting be a snare to catch them;
may it become a trap and punishment.
23  May darkness strike their eyes and make them sightless,
and may their backs eternally be bent.

24  Let your fierce wrath pursue and overtake them;
pour out your indignation on their head.
25  May their abode for ever be deserted,
and let their tents be uninhabited.

26  Because they persecute those you have wounded,
and revel in the pain of those you grieve,
27  Charge them with every crime they have committed,
and vindication may they not receive.

28  May they not be recorded with the righteous;
let them be blotted from the book of life.
29  But as for me, O God, may your salvation
deliver me from all my pain and strife.

30  Then I will praise the name of God with singing;
I’ll honour him and thanks to him accord.
31  This, better than the sacrifice of oxen
or bulls with horns and hoofs, will please the LORD.

32  The poor will see this and be filled with gladness;
so let the hearts that seek the LORD revive.
33  Our God does not despise his captive people.
he hears the needy, saving them alive.

34  Let praise ascend to God from earth and heaven,
the seas and everything that moves in them;
35  For he will re-establish Judah’s cities,
and bring salvation to Jerusalem.

His servants then will settle and possess it;
36  their children will enjoy their heritage;
And those who love his name will make their dwelling
within the promised land from age to age.