Psalm 64 []

PSALM 64 10 10 10 10 Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes:
293 Song 24, 290 Protection, 277 Cadboll Road

1  Hear me, O God, as my complaint I voice;
From threat of enemies protect my life.
2  Hide me from every plot of wickedness
And from the rage of evildoers’ strife.

3  They whet their tongues until they are like swords,
Their bitter words like deadly arrows aim.
4  They shoot in secret at the innocent,
And suddenly attack him without shame.

5  They spur each other on to evil deeds;
Their snares they cover, saying, “Who will see?
6  We surely have devised a perfect plan.”
How cunning human minds and hearts can be!

7  But with sharp arrows God will shoot at them,
And suddenly they’ll be struck down and slain.
8  So, using their own words, he ruins them
And all who see will treat them with disdain.

9  All people then will fear and will proclaim
The works of God and think upon his ways.
10  Let righteous people glory in the LORD!
He shelters them; so let them give him praise.