Psalm 63 [L.M]

PSALM 63 L.M. Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes:
176 Wareham, 143 Crasselius, 164 Rimington

1  O God, you are my God alone;
I seek your face with eagerness.
My soul and body thirst for you
In this dry, weary wilderness.

2  I’ve seen you in your holy place;
Your power and glory held my gaze.
3  Far better is your love than life,
And so my lips will sing your praise.

4  I’ll bless you, Lord, throughout my life
And raise my hands to you in prayer.
5  My joyful lips will sing your praise;
My soul is fed with richest fare.

6  Upon my bed I lie awake
And in my thoughts remember you;
I meditate throughout the night
And keep your constant love in view.

7  Because you are my help alone,
In shadow of your wings I’ll sing.
8  You hold me up with your right hand;
To you, O God, my soul will cling.

9  All those who seek my life will die;
Down to the depths they will descend.
10  They will become the jackal’s food;
The deadly sword will bring their end.

11  The king will then rejoice in God,
With all who swear by God’s great name.
The mouths of liars will be closed,
And they will all be put to shame.