Psalm 60 []

PSALM 60 8 7 8 7 Sing Psalms

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1  You, O God, have overthrown us
and have cast us clean away.
You have dealt with us in anger;
now restore us, Lord, we pray.

2  You have torn the land asunder;
you have made the land to shake.
O come down and mend its fractures,
for you caused the earth to quake.

3  You have made your people suffer
times of need and helplessness,
And the wine that you have given
makes us stagger in distress.

4  But for those who truly fear you,
look! your banner is unfurled,
Which in face of the aggressor
has been shown to all the world.

5 With your right hand save and help us;
rescue all those whom you love.
6  God has spoken from his temple,
from his holy place above:

“I will distribute in triumph
every part of Shechem’s land,
And the whole of Succoth valley
I will measure with my hand.

7  “Mine is Gilead, mine Manasseh,
Ephraim is my helmet true;
Judah I will make my sceptre
8  and on Edom toss my shoe.

“Moab will become my servant,
and upon Philistia’s shore
I will shout aloud in triumph;
I am Lord and conqueror.”

9  Who will bring me to the city
that is strongly fortified,
And to reach the land of Edom
who will be my help and guide?

10  Have you not, O God, rejected,
turned us over to our foe?
When our armies go to battle,
with them you no longer go.

11  Since all human help is worthless,
12  God will give us victory;
He it is who will defend us
and tread down our enemy.