Psalm 59 [C.M]

PSALM 59 C.M. Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes:
72 Martyrs, 48 Dundee, 29 Bangor, 106 Stornoway, 52 Evan

1  From foes and all who threaten me,
O God, be my defence.
2  Save me from evildoers’ hands
and men of violence.

3  See how they lie in wait for me!
Ferocious men combine
Against me, LORD, for no offence
or sinful deed of mine.

4  I have not done them any wrong,
yet they prepare to fight.
Arise to help me in my need;
take notice of my plight.

5  LORD God Almighty, rouse yourself;
come, God of Israel,
To judge the nations, and spare none
who wickedly rebel.

6  At evening they return again;
they snarl like dogs at bay.
They prowl about the city gates,
still hungry for their prey.

7  See what they spew out from their mouths!
Look! from their lips come swords!
With evil mind they laugh and say,
“Who now can hear our words?”

8  But you, O LORD, will laugh at them;
those nations you deride.
9  I watch for you, my loving God,
my Strength, in whom I hide.

10  My God will come and give me help;
in triumph I will sing
Before all those who slander me,
O Lord, our shield and king.

11  But lest my people should forget,
slay not my foes outright.
Cause them to wander aimlessly;
defeat them by your might.

12  Reward the evil of their lips,
the words of their own mouths;
Let them be captured by their pride,
their curses and untruths.

13  Consume them till they are no more;
in anger lay them low.
That God rules over Israel
all distant lands will know.

14  At evening they return again;
like dogs they snarl and growl.
15  They roam about the town for food and,
finding none, they howl.

16  But in the morning I will praise
your strength and loving care,
Because you are my strong defence,
my refuge from despair.

17  O God, you are my only strength;
to you I will sing praise.
You are my fortress and my rock,
my loving God always.