Psalm 52 [C.M]

PSALM 52 C.M. Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes: Chesire

1  Why do you boast of wickedness,
you man of power and might?
Why boast all day, O you who are
disgraceful in God’s sight?

2  You plot destruction with your tongue,
so razor-sharp and keen.
You always work deceitfully;
3  you love things vile and mean.

You do not take delight in truth,
but in what’s false and wrong.
4  You love all harmful, evil words,
O you deceitful tongue!

5  But God will surely bring you down
to ruin and disgrace;
He will uproot you from your tent
and from your dwelling-place.

He’ll snatch you from the land of life
and carry you away.
6  The righteous, seeing this, will fear;
then they will laugh and say:

7  “This is the man who for his strength
on God did not rely;
He trusted in his wealth and power
to raise himself on high.”

8  But I am like an olive plant
in God’s house growing free;
I trust in God’s unfailing love
to all eternity.

9  I’ll praise you ever for your deeds;
my hope is in your name,
And in the presence of your saints
I will extol your fame.