Psalm 51 []

PSALM 51 8 7 8 7 7 7 Sing Psalms

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1  O my God, have mercy on me
in your steadfast love, I pray;
In your infinite compassion
my transgressions wipe away.
2  Cleanse me from iniquity;
wash my sin away from me.

3  For I know my own transgressions;
I can see my sinful plight.
4  You, you only, I’ve offended,
and done evil in your sight;
So your words are verified,
and your verdict justified.

5  From my birth I have been sinful—
such the nature I received—
Sinful from my first beginning
in my mother’s womb conceived.
6  Truth you look for in my heart;
wisdom to me you impart.

7  Cleanse with hyssop, purify me;
I’ll be whiter than the snow.
8  Let the bones you crushed be joyful;
may I joy and gladness know.
9  From my failure hide your face;
blot out all my wickedness.

10  Lord, create a pure heart in me,
and a steadfast mind renew.
11  Do not take your Spirit from me;
cast me not away from you.
12  Give me back the joy I had;
keep my willing spirit glad.

13 Then I’ll teach your ways to sinners;
rebels will turn back to you.
14  Free me from blood-guilt, my Saviour,
God most merciful and true.
Then I’ll praise your righteousness;
15  teach my lips your name to bless.

16  Sacrifice does not delight you,
else my tribute I would bring;
Nor do you take any pleasure
in a whole burnt offering.
17  Contrite heart as sacrifice
you, O God, will not despise.

18  Let your blessing rest on Zion;
build Jerus’lem’s walls again.
19  Sacrifices then will please you—
bulls upon your altar slain,
Off’rings made for your delight,
truly righteous in your sight.