Psalm 50 []

PSALM 50 10 10 10 10 Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes:
v 1-15: 280 Dunblane Cathedral, 284 Farley Castle
v 16-23 295 Suilven, 293 Song 24

1  The LORD, the Mighty One, is God alone.
He speaks and summons all the earth abroad
From rising of the sun to where it sets.
2  From Zion’s perfect beauty shines our God.

3  Our God will not be silent—he will come;
Before him fire will burn and tempest rage.
4  He summons all the earth and heaven above,
That he may judge his folk, his heritage.

5  “Now bring to me my consecrated ones,
Those who by sacrifice are pledged to me.”
6  The heavens will proclaim his righteousness,
For God himself is judge and none but he.

7  “Hear, O my people, listen while I speak;
Against you, Isr’el, I will testify:
You are my people; I am God, your God.
Hear me as I address you from on high.

8  “I will not blame you for your offerings,
The sacrifices which you give to me.
9  I have no need of cattle from your stalls,
Or of the goats you bring me constantly.

10  “Mine are the cattle on a thousand hills,
The forest animals are all my own.
11  The creatures of the field belong to me;
To me the mountain birds are all well known.

12  “I would not tell you if I needed food,
Because the world and all its wealth are mine.
13  Do I require to drink the blood of goats?
On flesh of bulls do I delight to dine?

14  “But sacrifice thank-offerings to God;
Fulfil the vows you made to the Most High.
15  Call on me in the day when trouble comes;
I’ll save you, and my name you’ll glorify.”

16  But of the wicked God will then demand:
“What right have you to speak about my laws
Or take my covènant upon your lips?
17  You hate my word and spurn it without cause.

18  “You see a thief and then you join with him,
And with adulterers you love to meet.
19  You use your mouth for evil purposes;
Your tongue you harness to promote deceit.

20  “You speak against your brother constantly,
Perversely slandering your mother’s son;
21  You thought that I was just the same as you,
Since I kept silent at the things you’ve done.

“But now I will accuse you to your face,
I will admonish you, as is your due.
22  Consider this, you that forget the Lord,
Lest I destroy and none can rescue you.

23  “The one who brings thank-offerings to me—
He gives me honour and prepares the way
So that I may reveal myself to him
And the salvation of his God display.”