Psalm 46(b) []


PSALM 46 (b) 10 10 10 10 10 10 Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes: 301 Stockport (Yorkshire)

1  God is our refuge and our strength alone,
In troubled times a present help is he.
2  Therefore we will not fear though earth gives way
And mountains fall into the depths of sea,
3  Although its waters foam and roar with spite,
And mountains tremble at its surging might.

4  God’s city is made glad by flowing streams,
The holy place where the Most High resides.
5  God is within her, she will never fall;
At break of day God help for her provides.
6  The kingdoms fall, their folk in disarray;
God lifts his voice, the whole earth melts away.

7  The LORD Almighty ever with us stays;
The God of Jacob is our sure defence.
8  Come, see the works the LORD does on the earth,
Destruction wrought in his omnipotence.
9  Throughout the earth he makes wars disappear;
He breaks the bow and shatters every spear.

He burns the chariots up with flaming fire.
10  He says, “Be still and know that I am God.
Among the nations I’ll be glorified,
Exalted over all the earth abroad.”
11  The LORD Almighty ever with us stays,
The God of Jacob our defence always.