Psalm 45(b) []


PSALM 45 (b) 10 10 10 10 10 10 (Sing Psalms)

Recommended Tunes: 300 Song 1, 302 Unde et Memores

1  A noble theme inspires my heart and mind
As I recite my verses for the king;
My tongue is like a skilful writer’s pen.
2  Of you, most excellent of men, I sing.
With heavenly grace your lips have been refreshed,
Since God for evermore has made you blessed.

3  Your sword, O mighty one, bind on your side,
And clothe yourself with glorious majesty.
4  In royal splendour and in all your strength
Ride forth to battle and to victory
In aid of truth, humility and right;
Let your right hand display its awesome might.

5  Pierce through with arrows those who hate the king;
Your foes from all the nations trample down.
6  Your kingdom’s sceptre will be one of right;
For evermore, O God, endures your throne.
7  Justice you love, iniquity you hate;
So God above the rest has made you great.

With oil of joy he has anointed you;
8  With pleasant fragrance all your robes abound.
From palaces adorned with ivory
Stringed instruments delight you with their sound.
9  Among your women royal daughters stand,
The king’s own bride in gold at your right hand.

10  O daughter, listen and give ear to me;
Forget your people and your father’s house.
11  See how your beauty has enthralled the king;
Give honour to your lord and royal spouse.
12  People from Tyre will come with gifts to you,
And wealthy folk your favour will pursue.

13  All glorious is the princess in the court;
Her bridal gown with finest gold is wrought.
14  She comes before the king in broidered robes;
To you the maidens in her train are brought.
15  With joy and gladness they are ushered in;
They come into the palace of the king.

16  Your sons will occupy your fathers’ place,
And you will make them princes in the land.
17  Through all the generations still to come
I will ensure your memory will stand;
And therefore all the nations of the earth
For evermore will celebrate your worth.