Psalm 33 [ dactylic]


PSALM 33 11 10 11 10 dactylic [Sing Psalms]

Recommended Tunes: 310 Springfield, 309 Epiphany, 311 Yvonne

1  Joyfully sing to the LORD, all you righteous;
for it is good that the upright give praise.
2  With harp and lyre praise the LORD and make music;
3  with shouts of joy, a new song to him raise.

4  Righteous and true is the word God has spoken;
all the LORD’s actions his faithfulness prove.
5  He loves true righteousness, judgment and justice;
all earth is full of his unfailing love.

6  By the LORD’s word were the heavens created,
their starry host by the breath from his lips.
7  All the sea’s waters he gathers together
and in his storehouses lays up the deeps.

8  Let all the world fear the LORD in his greatness;
rev’rence his name, all you peoples of earth!
9  For when he spoke, all things came into being;
when he commanded, then all things stood forth.

10  Foiled by the LORD are the plans of the nations;
thwarted by him are the peoples’ designs.
11  But the LORD’s purposes stand firm for ever;
his plans endure through all ages and times.

12  Favoured and blessed is the nation he’s chosen,
whose God the LORD is throughout every age;
Blessed are the people he called to be near him,
those whom he chose as his own heritage.

13  From heaven’s height the LORD looks down and watches;
14  he sees mankind from his own dwelling-place.
15  He who has moulded the hearts of all people
knows every deed of the whole human race.

16  No king is saved by the size of his army;
no warrior lives by the strength of his hand.
17  Vain is man’s trust in a horse for deliverance,
nor by its strength can it victory command.

18  But the LORD’s eyes are on those who revere him,
those who rely on his unfailing love;
19  So that from famine and death he may save them,
giving them life by his power from above.

20  We wait in hope for the LORD, our defender;
21  trusting his holy name, our hearts are blessed.
22  LORD, may your unfailing love rest upon us,
just as in you our sure hope has been placed.