Psalm 32 []

PSALM 32 8 6 8 8 6 [Sing Psalms]

Recommended Tunes:
v 1-6: 203 Orlington, 200 Binney’s
v 7-11: 203 Orlington, 202 Nicolaus

1  How blessed the one who has received
forgiveness for his sin!
2  Whose sins are covered from God’s face,
Whose debt is cancelled in God’s grace;
there’s no deceit in him.

3  When I kept silent, all my bones
with groaning were worn out.
4  Beneath your hand I felt entrapped
Both day and night; my strength was sapped
as in a summer drought.

5  Then I laid bare my sin to you,
the guilt that lay within.
I said, “O LORD, I have transgressed”—
And you forgave when I confessed;
you pardoned all my sin.

6  So let the godly pray to you
while you are to be found.
Surely when waves are sweeping past
And mighty waters rising fast,
you’ll keep them safe and sound.

7  You are my hiding-place, O LORD,
my true security.
You keep me safe in troubled days;
You circle me with joyful praise
when you have set me free.

8  I will instruct you by my word
and guide you in my way.
My counsel I will give to you;
My eye will keep your path in view
and watch you day by day.

9  Do not be like the horse or mule
which cannot understand;
They must be curbed and kept in check
As bit and bridle turn their neck,
to go where you command.

10  The wicked’s woes will much increase;
but those who trust the LORD
His cov’nant mercy will surround.
11  You righteous, let your joy abound
and praise the LORD your God.