Psalm 29 []


PSALM 29 11 11 11 11 [Sing Psalms]

Recommended Tune: 318 St Denio

1 You mighty ones, give to the LORD as his right,
Ascribe to the LORD God both glory and might.
2  To the LORD’s name due glory and honour accord;
In beauty of holiness worship the LORD.

3  The LORD’s voice is over the waters abroad,
And thunder proceeds from the glorious God.
Above all the waters God’s thunder is heard;
4  A powèrful voice is the voice of the LORD.

The voice of the LORD is majestic and loud;
5  By the voice of the LORD the great cedars are bowed.
Yes, even the cedars of Lebanon tall,
The LORD breaks in pieces and shatters them all.

6  Like the leap of a calf he shakes Lebanon’s rocks,
And Sirion skips like a startled wild ox.
7  The voice of the LORD causes lightning to flash;
8  The voice of the LORD makes the wilderness crash.

The LORD makes the desert of Kadesh to shake;
9  The LORD causes oaks of the forest to quake.
The trees of the forest he strips of their leaves,
And he in his temple great glory receives.

10  The LORD over floods sits as monarch alone;
The LORD sits for ever as King on his throne.
11  The LORD makes the strength of his people increase;
The LORD gives his people the blessing of peace.