Psalm 26 (C.M)


PSALM 26 C.M. Sing Psalms

Recommended Tunes: 97 St Minver28 Ballerma, 89 St Flavian, 122 Innocence, 92 St James 127 St Thomas (Scottish Psalter), 74 Hermon (Scottish Psalter)

1  Declare me innocent, O LORD;
I’ve walked in blameless ways,
And I have trusted in the LORD,
not wav’ring all my days.

2  Test me, O LORD, and try my heart;
my inmost thoughts survey.
3  Your love surrounds me; from your truth
my feet will never stray.

4  I do not sit with worthless folk;
I shun the hypocrite.
5  I hate the wicked’s gatherings;
with them I will not sit.

6  I wash my hands in innocence,
and blameless is my heart;
I go about your altar, LORD—
the place you set apart.

7  I’ll tell of all your awesome deeds,
proclaiming loud your praise.
8  Your glory fills your dwelling-place;
I love your house always.

9  Sweep not away my soul, O LORD,
with those who hate your way;
Nor take away my life with those
who love to wound and slay.

10  For their right hands are full of bribes;
they plot iniquity.
11  But I will lead a blameless life—
in mercy set me free.

12  My feet will stand with confidence
upon a level place,
And in the people’s gathering
I’ll praise the LORD of grace.