Psalm 21 ( + 12.11)


PSALM 21 (12 11 12 11 + 12 11)

Recommended Tunes: 323 Exultation, 324 Roseburn

1  O LORD, in your strength how the king is exultant!
How great is his joy in the triumphs you bring!
2  To him you have granted his heart’s deepest longing;
you answered the plea from the lips of the king.

3  You welcomed him richly with blessings of goodness;
a crown of fine gold you have placed on his head.
4  He asked you for life, and you gave him it freely—
abundance of days, that his years should not end.

5  Through triumphs you gave his renown is exalted,
and you have bestowed on him splendour and grace.
6  You surely have granted him blessings eternal;
you filled him with joy by the light of your face.

7  For the king puts his trust in the LORD high above;
unshaken he stands through the LORD’s steadfast love.
8  Your hand will lay hold upon all your opponents;
your right hand will seize all the foes in your path.

9  You’ll set them ablaze with your glorious appearance;
you’ll swallow them up in the fire of your wrath.
10  From earth you will utterly wipe out their offspring.
11  They plot wicked schemes, but will never prevail.

12  Because when you aim with your bow at the ready
you’ll make them turn back and their courage will fail.
13  Be exalted, O LORD, in the strength of your arm;
we will praise your great might to the sound of a psalm.