Psalm 1(b) []

PSALM 1 (b) 8 8 8 8 8 8 [Sing Psalms]

Recommended Tune: 255 St Petersburg

1 How blessed the one who does not walk
Where wicked men would guide his feet,
Who does not stand in sinners’ paths
Or sit upon the scorners’ seat.
2 The law of God is his delight,
His meditation day and night.

3 He prospers like a tree, which has
Been planted by a flowing stream,
And in its season yields its fruit;
Its leaves are always fresh and green.
In every act and every word
He knows the blessing of the LORD.

4 Not so the wicked: they are like
The chaff the wind will blow away.
5 They will not in the judgment stand,
Nor sinners with the righteous stay.
6 God knows the way the righteous go;
The wicked’s way he’ll overthrow.