Psalm 1(a) [C.M]

PSALM 1 (a) C.M. [Sing Psalms]

Recommended Tunes: 43 Creator, 109 Tallis, 99 St Peter

1  Blessed is the one who turns away
from where the wicked walk,
Who does not stand in sinners’ paths
or sit with those who mock.

2  Instead he finds God’s holy law
his joy and great delight;
He makes the precepts of the LORD
his study day and night.

3  He prospers ever like a tree
that’s planted by a stream,
And in due season yields its fruit;
its leaves are always green.

4  Not so the wicked! They are like
the chaff that’s blown away.
5  They will not stand when judgment comes
or with the righteous stay.

6  It is the LORD who sees and knows
the way the righteous go,
But those who live an evil life
the LORD will overthrow.