Psalm 19 []


PSALM 19 [Sing Psalms]

Recommended Tunes:
v 1-6: 182 Croft’s 136th, 186 Little Cornard, 188 St John
v 7-11:187 Love Unknown, 189 Strathkelvin, 188 St John

1  The heav’ns above declare
The glory of our God;
And what his hands have made
The skies proclaim abroad.
2  Day after day they pour forth speech,
And night by night their knowledge teach.

3  There is no language used
Or any spoken word;
No sound is made by them
And yet their voice is heard.
4  Throughout the world their voice resounds,
Their words to earth’s remotest bounds.

In heav’n God pitched a tent,
A dwelling for the sun,
5 Which like a bridegroom comes
Or strong man keen to run.
6 Its course from east to west complete—
There’s nothing hidden from its heat.

7 The perfect law of God
Revives the soul of man;
His statutes which are sure
Make wise the simple one.
8 The precepts of the LORD are right
And fill the heart with great delight.

God’s radiant commands
Shed light on what we see;
9 The fear of God is pure
And lasts eternally.
The standards of the LORD express
His perfect truth and righteousness.

10 Of far more worth than gold—
Than much pure gold—they are;
Than honey from the comb,
Than honey sweeter far.
11 They warn the servant of the LORD;
In keeping them is great reward.

12 Who can discern his faults?
Forgive my hidden sin.
13 Keep me from wilful deeds;
May they not rule within.
And then I shall be free from blame
And guiltless of transgression’s shame.

14 LORD, let the words I speak
Be pleasing in your sight,
And may my inmost thoughts
Be in your judgment right.
O LORD, you are a Rock to me;
You have redeemed and set me free.