Psalm 15 [C.M]

PSALM 15 C.M [Sing Psalms]

Recommended Tunes: 61 Gräfenberg, 59 Glenluce, 109 Tallis,  69 Little Hilton

1  LORD, who may stay within your tent,
your sacred dwelling-place?
And who upon your holy hill
may live before your face?

2  Whoever walks a blameless path,
who acts in righteousness,
And who will always from the heart
sincerely truth express.

3  He casts no slur on anyone
nor does his neighbour wrong;
He has no spite within his heart
or slander on his tongue.

4  He honours those who fear the LORD;
the worthless he’ll despise.
He keeps the oath which he has sworn,
however high the price.

5  He lends his money at no charge;
no bribe can he endure.
Those who behave in life like this
will always stand secure.