Psalm 13 [C.M]

PSALM 13 C.M [Sing Psalms]

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1 How long will you forget me, LORD?
Will you forget always?
How long, LORD, will you hide your face
and turn from me your gaze?

2  How long must I be sad each day
in deep perplexity?
How long will my opponent stand
in triumph over me?

3  O LORD my God, consider me
and give me your reply.
Light up my eyes or I will sleep
the sleep of those who die.

4  Then would my enemy declare,
“At last I’ve laid him low!”
And so my foes would sing for
joy to see my overthrow.

5  But still I trust your constant love;
you save and set me free.
6  With joy I will extol the LORD
who has been good to me.