Psalm 11 (L.M)

PSALM 11 L.M. (Sing Psalms)

Recommended Tunes: 166 Rockingham, 150 Halladale

1 I find my refuge in the LORD;
How is it then you say to me,
“Make your escape and like a bird
For refuge to your mountain flee.

2 “For look, the wicked bend their bows,
And on the string they set their dart;
From shadows dark they aim and shoot
At those who are upright in heart.

3  “If the foundations are destroyed
And all around there is decay,
Whatever can the righteous do,
Surrounded by such disarray?”

4  The LORD is in his holy place;
The LORD is on his heavenly throne.
His eyes observe the human race,
And in his sight each one is known.

5  The LORD examines all the just,
The righteous ones he proves and tests;
But all those who love wickedness
And violence his soul detests.

6  Upon the wicked he will rain
His fiery coals and sulphur hot;
A scorching wind will beat on them—
Such punishment will be their lot.

7  For God the LORD is righteous still,
In righteousness he takes delight;
And they alone will see his face
Who are in heart and life upright.