Psalm 10 [C.M]

PSALM 10 C.M. [Sing Psalms]

Recommended Tunes:
v 1-11: 93 St Kilda59 Glenluce, 39 Chesire, 89 St Flavian
v 12-18: 108 Stroudwater126 Psalm 107

1  O LORD, why do you stand remote
and stay so far away?
Why do you hide yourself from us
when trouble comes our way?

2  The wicked in his arrogance
hunts down the weak and poor,
Who in the snares that he has set
are caught and held secure.

3  About the cravings of his heart
he speaks with boastful word;
He praises people filled with greed
while he reviles the LORD.

4  The wicked does not seek the LORD
because he is so proud,
And in his inmost thoughts there is
no room at all for God.

5  His ways are always prosperous;
he strikes a haughty pose.
He keeps his distance from your laws;
he sneers at all his foes.

6  He reassures himself and says,
“No threat will topple me—
I will be happy evermore;
from trouble I’ll be free.”

7  The wicked’s mouth is always full
of curses, threats and lies;
Evil and trouble from his tongue
continually arise.

8  He lies in wait near villages
his victims’ blood to spill;
He lurks in secret ambushes
the innocent to kill.

9  Like lions crouching secretly
he waits for helpless prey.
He pounces on the weak and poor;
his net drags them away.

10  His victims by his strength are crushed;
his prey collapse and fall.
11  He thinks, “God does not notice it;
he does not see at all.”

12  Arise, LORD God, lift up your hand;
do not forget the poor.
13  Why does the wicked say of God,
“My conduct he’ll ignore”?

14  But you, O God, do see such wrong
and you will bring redress.
The victim puts his trust in you;
you help the fatherless.

15  LORD, break the wicked person’s power
and call him to account
For all the evil which he thought
would never be found out.

16  The LORD will ever reign as king;
his throne will always stand.
The heathen nations of the world
will perish from his land.

17  O LORD, the needy ones’ desire
you answer from on high;
You give encouragement to them
and listen to their cry.

18  For you defend the fatherless
and those who are oppressed,
So that from fear of mortal man
the helpless may have rest.